About Us

Ultimate Services Nationwide Inc.


Ultimate Services Nationwide Inc. is the parent company of Ultimate Dumpsters, Ultimate Transport 123, Ultimate Realty Nationwide, and partners in Design Works Group as well as MessagePlane. Starting as a small family owned and operated business over a decade ago, we have since grown to service our clients nationwide in an array of industries while staffing over 140 people across the globe. We pride ourselves in creating and using top tier technology, we’re always pushing the envelope forward to improve service and quality for all parties involved.


Ultimate Dumpsters is proud to service our customers nationwide. We provide quality waste removal solutions at any home, office or job site. Our 5 star customer service team will ensure that your rental process is easy, and hassle free. No matter your needs Ultimate Dumpsters can fulfill them.Check out our website to learn more about our roll off dumpster services and other waste solutions services!


Ultimate Realty Nationwide Inc. is a real estate company that over the last 10 years has bought, rented, sold, and rehabbed properties both commercial and residential across the United States. We specialize in multi-family acquisitions, commercial office workspace, as well as residential investments. Throughout the years, we’ve created hundreds of happy living spaces and work environments for our tenants. We pride ourselves on finding the right projects, while working with the right people to make deals happen, and dreams come true.


Our company mission was always to make auto transport great. As the future rapidly approached we realized the impact technology would have in business. We took years to create state of the art proprietary technological advancements to make your transport and customer experiences the greatest it can be.Check out our website to learn more about our vehicle shipping process and get on schedule!


Message plane is an all Inclusive Smart Software Built for Auto Transport. Message Plane is built on using premium technology to further automation as we know it. The process between the user and customer has been mastered to create the most desirable experience possible.


Design Works Group is a unique company here in Long Island NY. We specialize in residential new construction, rehabs, interior work, backyard patios, pools, masonry, driveways, exterior work, and waterfront jobs. Over the last 10 years or so, we set out to find the best talent, and we matched it with the best technology out there. We love new creative projects where we can use our advanced skills to really create the magical dreams homeowners have in mind. Quality and satisfaction is everything to us.